Budget & Planning Services

We can provide help at the planning stage, 
with advice and a free consutation  

Interested in a wireless network but don't know where to start?  We can provide you with some FREE help!

If you can describe what you think you want to use WiFi for in your organisation, and provide us with a set of building plans that show the layout of your buildings, we can offer some valuable free assistance.

Contact us, and we will: 

  1. Discuss your requirements and suggest appropriate approaches
  2. Provide an initial design for your wireless network based on your plans
  3. Consider how to manage all the different types of users that will require access to the wireless, in terms of authentication, security management, bandwidth etc.
  4. Give you an independent view of any upcoming  technical developments which may affect your investment. 
  5. Advise as to the relative merits of different vendor offerings, to help you make a better informed decision.
  6. Use our experience to advise you about the most effective solutions for your project and guide you through potential technical issues.
  7. Provide you with a budgeting estimate.

As you proceed to a full implementation:

  1. We will make sure all of the technical "stuff" is covered; configuration, integration, security and capacity.
  2. If you want to undertake a proof of concept, we can organise a trial.
  3. We can perform a more formal site survey using specialist equipment to confirm the design. 
  4. We can advise on firewalls and mobile device management solutions.
  5. We can offer finance options that will make the network affordable


ThinkWireless can help with free planning and budgeting advice, whether you want a completely new wireless network, or an upgrade.

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ThinkWireless can show you how to manage your network, and we are on hand to support you when you need us.

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ThinkWireless gives you the option to "try before you buy" to ensure our solution meets your needs.

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ThinkWireless has supplied wireless networks to close to 400 schools. We know our stuff!

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