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If your school is considering installing a new wireless network, you may be interested to know that Think Wireless has supplied wireless networks to over 550 schools. We know our stuff!  

We have been selected as the preferred supplier for more Schools Network Upgrade Project (SNUP) wireless tenders than any other single integrator.  (Statistics to February 2017)

Wireless for Schools - planning and design

Schools are taking advantage of the opportunities which digital learning can deliver to students.  The desire for students to be able to access the internet, shared resources and learning programmes via a wireless network is now universal.  The use of BYOD (bring your own device) is rapidly growing in schools.

Think Wireless can provide you with a preliminary design and advise on alternative solutions for your school.  We can answer questions about the features of different wireless vendors, security matters, trends and new developments to future-proof your investment.  We can supply you with equipment to try before you make a final decision.  There is no “one size fits all” for schools.  The optimum solution will depend on a number of factors, including the number of users, building construction and layout, ongoing support arrangements and budget. 

Implementation - what to expect

In a standard wireless implementation, we will talk with you to determine the specific characteristics of your environment and to answer any questions you may have. We can advise you on the best wireless configuration to meet your particular requirements, and we will design and deliver a solution that meets your needs today, whilst retaining the flexibility to accommodate future changes.

Think Wireless test and label all access points before sending them out to your school. A specialist installer is usually responsible for mounting the access points in line with the design plan. Once the Access Points have been installed, we will schedule a time to come to school and commission the network.

When we visit you, we have two important tasks to perform.  The first is training your administrators and IT support staff in how the wireless network “works”, and giving them the opportunity to ask us questions face to face. Secondly, we survey the wireless network to ensure that the wireless coverage is “as designed”.  This involves visiting all areas where wireless coverage is provided, and we try as far as possible to work around class schedules.

Think Wireless will provide you with a post installation report so you have a comprehensive record to refer to. All of our wireless networks are covered by a 90 day post installation support period.  This means if you need help when the project is finished, we are available to assist. 

Everybody working for Think Wireless is Police vetted before being allowed to visit your school.

ThinkWireless Ongoing Support

Increasingly, we find that schools are attracted to the idea of an ongoing support agreement (SLA) with ourselves that specifically covers their wireless network. Under this model we maintain a "watching brief" over the network, implementing firmware upgrades as they become available, and making minor adjustments and changes as required to ensure the network continues to perform at its best.  

Any major changes that are required to the network become cheaper.  We offer a discounted hourly rate to customers that have an ongoing SLA with us, as it is much simpler to re-configure a network that is regularly maintained than one which has not seen any attention for a while.


ThinkWireless can help with free planning and budgeting advice, whether you want a completely new wireless network, or an upgrade.

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ThinkWireless trains clients how to run their networks and handles typical user and technical issues.  Training is customised to what you need, we do the rest.

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ThinkWireless gives you the option to "try before you buy" to ensure our solution meets your needs.

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ThinkWireless has supplied wireless networks to close to 400 schools. We know our stuff!

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