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Our Team

  1. Terence Fleming, Managing Director
  2. Michelle Ryan, Director
  3. Mark Woodward, Finance and Development Manager
  4. Brent Sergent, Technical and Sales Manager
  5. Varun Singla, Senior Sales Consultant
  6. Murad Ustarkhanov, Technical and Support Engineer
  7. Catherine Woodward, Accounts
  8. Corina Brown, Technical and Support Technician
  9. George Douglas, Technical and Support Technician  
  10. Scott Salthouse, 

    Technical and Support Technician


Think Wireless is hiring!

We are currently looking to fill a full-time Accountant position. If you are interested please email


Our Contact Details

  1. Think Wireless
  2. Level 2, Unit G2, 5 Orbit Drive, Albany
  3. PO Box 31-474, Milford
  4. Auckland
  5. +64 9 972 0355
  6. Email General Enquiries
  7. Email Technical Support

We support customers New Zealand wide.  Initial enquiries are handled through our Auckland office.

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