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We can show you how wireless technology can enhance many different parts of your business, and guide you through the process so you reap the benefits. We have a range of business solutions to suit your situation.

“Simple” Wireless. So you can connect people securely to your network, with whatever mobile device you want them to use, whilst keeping the people you don’t want off the network.

BYOD. Enables you to allow your staff to bring their own devices to work so they can access the internet using your wireless network, but without compromising the integrity of your network.

Visitor/Guest Wireless. Permits your visitors to access to the internet through your wireless network. For example; helping visitors to be more productive in meetings, or attracting people to spend more time on your premises.

Temporary Offices and Disaster Recovery. Creates a wireless network for you to support around 100 people in a facility which has power, but no internet connection. Really handy if you need a temporary office, or when you have had to move out of your normal premises for any reason.

Instant Hotspot. Provides you with a public wireless hotspot on a temporary basis in order to attract the public to your particular event, or to your stand at an exhibition. There are a range of different options to promote your brand.

Multi-tenant Wireless. If you need to supply wireless connectivity to many different users within the same building or campus. We can give each set of users their own access rights (and potentially access to their own network), whilst keeping their traffic separate from the other groups using the same network.

Retail Analysis. Solutions which enable you to learn more about your customer preferences and behaviour. For example, counting foot traffic past your store and calculating the proportion of those passers who come inside. Track how long people are staying inside the store; where they go; and how often they come back. This can be really helpful to determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or new promotion.

Outdoor Wireless. If you need temporary or permanent robust and secure outdoor wireless coverage.

Equipment Tracking. Implements tracking of the location of your important or valuable pieces of equipment. For example wheelchairs, portable x-ray equipment, and potentially, even people.


ThinkWireless can help with free planning and budgeting advice, whether you want a completely new wireless network, or an upgrade.

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ThinkWireless trains clients how to run their networks and handles typical user and technical issues. Training is customised to what you need, we do the rest.

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ThinkWireless is able to provide low-cost operating lease finance and also a monthly fee-based service for trials, smoothing out your cash flow.  

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ThinkWireless has supplied wireless networks to close to 400 schools. We know our stuff!

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